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Grantaire’s barricade of choice.


*loses drink in scotland* where did my Glasgow.

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mercutio: i can see what's happening
benvolio: what?
mercutio: and they don't have a clue!
benvolio: stop
mercutio: they'll fall in love and here's the bottom line -- our trio's down to two
benvolio: people are dying


See, this is the kind of thing I always dream of doing but never get off my ass to actually do it. In 2011, Alessandro Puccinelli bought a motorhome and travelled along the south coast of Portugal, just because. I’m glad he did, because these photos are amazing; a van looking tiny under the massive scale of the sprawling landscape, starry sky and dark waters.

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The Mediterranean, East Wind ~ Henri-Edmond Cross


Poor Andy

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6:33am, 6:33pm.

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